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Ariix Products

ariix products

What kind of products does Ariix offers us? ARIIX offers the best quality products on the market in various areas in which it operates. All ariix products are based on its unique and innovative solutions to the problems of ordinary people. ARIIX is definitely committed to bringing to market products of the highest quality so that the raw materials used in the manufacture of its products are selected based on the highest standards of quality that meets industry.

Understanding that ARIIX is human health has led her to develop a new standard of excellence in various sectors in that position. Thus, the ARIIX has worked in collaboration with leading experts in the industry market health and wellness for their products contain compounds in its composition more beneficial, besides being formulated best way to feed your body with in order to achieve the most benefit.

“I believe that those who choose to consume high-quality, complete and balanced nutritional supplements, like the ARIIX products, added to a healthy diet and a modest consistent exercise program has been shown to give us our best chance of protecting our health or regaining our health if we have already lost it.”
Dr. Ray Strand

Ariix Product Brands

Ariix is focus in exploring the potential of several market niches. In each one Ariix developed several products that represents unique and efficient solutions for the day problems of people around the world.

Thus, when Ariix products are chosen to go to the market has to follow some very strict criteria:

  • has to be unique
  • high quality
  • high eficency
  • attract consumers
  • be consumable
  • make the consumers life better

Regarding this and an unique position strategy, Ariix is created several brands in order to reach the field in a proper and efficient way: Nutrifii, Slenderiiz and Puritii.

Nutrifii™ – this is Ariix nutritional products brand and contains the following:

  • Optimals – Vitamins & Minerals
  • Omega-Q (CoQ-10 & Fish Oil)
  • Vinali (Grape seed Extract & Vitamin C)
  • Rejuveniix (Energy)
  • BioPro Q (Ubiquinol)
  • Restoriix (Detox)

Slenderiiz™ – this is Ariix weight management product line

  • Slenderiix & Xceler8 (Homeopathic Weight Loss Drops)ariix puritii products
  • PureNourish (Meal Replacement)

Puritii™ – Puritii is the Ariix purification brand

  • Puritii Water Filter
  • Puritii Plastic Bottle
  • Puritii Stainless Steel Bottle

In the future we will have home water filters, and air purification filters.

Ariix New Products for 2013:

Ariix is in a continues work in order to find the best solution to bring to marketplace. For the future Ariix will offer all their distributors and customers unique solutions for:

  • Skincare – Infinite Youth
  • Baby care – Healthy Baby Academy

Other Ariix Products for a near future:

Regarding this economic mess we are currently in, Ariix is developing a very innovative product to offer to the market regarding the Healthy Financial Education.

Now you can fin the all the Ariix Products in Europe. If you want to order or know more details about Ariix exclusive products please contact us filling this form. One of our Ariix distributors in Europe will be happy to assist you.