ARIIX Awards

ARIIX Awards

Ariix top 20 opportunity

Ariix although a recent company, is led by some of the most competent people in the industry, so that in less than two years of ARIIX has managed to win several international awards, so we highlight a few of those:

1. Top 20 companies with more momentum in 2012 – with only one year of activity. ARIIX has an outstanding 3rd place to be a company with more momentum “Momentum” in the industry.

This rank was set on September 2012  by the well-known This is one of the most accurate independently-operated, non-biased Direct Selling news website in the world.

Top 20 Opportunity

2. In 2012 Ariix won two Bronze Stevie Awards:

  • Business of the Year – Health Products and Service & Welfare category

ariix awards-stevie_bronze

  • Better product or service of the year – health and pharmacy products Category – Puritii

ariix awards-stevie-peoples_choice


3. Certified and approved by Several external authorities:Ariix - bscg

  • FDA = Food & Drug Administration
  • NSF = National Science Foundation
  • GMP = Good Manufacturing Practices
  • USP = U.S. Pharmacopeia
  • OTC = Over The Counter
  • BSCG = Banned Substances Control Group

4. Ariix beat the world record for the Direct Seller fastest growing of all time in his first year with an accumulated $ 24 million in just 10 months.

5. Ariix compensation plan “Multi-line” is unique  and is one of the first to be subjected to a process patent. This compensation plan is revolutionary and combines the best of all the common compensation plan: unilevel, matrix and binary.

6. Ariix opened 11 INTERNATIONAL MARKETS in just 16 months:

  • Ariix in North America: US, Canada, Mexico
  • Ariix in Europe: Netherlands, Russia – Know more about the Ariix Business growing in Europe
  • Ariix in Asia: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Singapore

7. “Ariix Bill of Rights” offers to his distributors friendlier policies that the industry has ever seen. With this Bill of Rights your business has the higher protection in the whole industry:

  • With this policy the company is unable to unilaterally terminate your distribution contract. You can´t imagine the number of contracts that are terminated without any valid reason.
  • Be treated as a true business partner to ARIIX is the latest project of Direct Sales and marketing recommendation
  • Lets assured that the Compensation Plan is set in stone and will not change your income in the future, something that is very common in other direct selling companies and referral marketing. The contract signed with ARIIX will be honored and respected forever.
  • Your commissions will not be canceled by the fact another undertaking, if you don’t recruit “crossline”.
  • The company can´t leave you behind and go for retail. you can´t imagine the number of times this happen an

8. It appeared in the famous and popular magazine “Business for Home

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