Activ8 – Ariix Compensation Plan

Ariix Compensation Plan

Also in the Ariix Compensation Plan, the company decided to innovate.

ARIIX offers an unique compensation plan with 8 unique and revolutionary forms of payment to offer several ways to compensate their distributors.

With this compensation plan ARIIX distributors receive commissions on a weekly basis, being rewarded for all his work: sales, sponsorship, leadership, duplication, etc..

If you are a member IIX will receive a 30% discount on all orders selling price to the public and double the advantage for the rest of his life.

Ariix compensation plan in detail

Here we summarize the 8 ways you get payed in Ariix:

1. Sales – When a distributor sells the products ARIIX has a margin of resale, which in practice is the difference between the purchase price and the retail price. This range can go up to 45% for members of IIX membership.

2. Base Commissions:

  • The 15% commission on the total sales of all “paylines”
  • After each “pay line”, get up to $ 2,000 per week
  • When Optimizing a “payline” unlocks a business unit, allowing you to keep your business growing
  • You can have an infinite number of paylines

3. Lead Tem Bonds: Bonds to cover – with this voucher ARIIX dealer can pay your monthly order with only 4 active distributors directly sponsored by you.

4. Bonus Savings:

  • This bonus is activated whenever a ARIIX dealer receives 250 USD or more in a single week
  • With this bonus ARIIX distributors receive an extra 15% on all weekly commissions
  • Maximum commissions received this bonus: 500 USD per week
  • Distributor receives this bonus once the savings account reaches $ 10,000

5. Matching Bonus and Matching Bonus:

  • Gains of 50% in commissions based their sponsored the seventh generation
  • To unlock the first 3 levels (15%, 10% and 5%) of this bonus just qualify Golden State

6. Entry Position (2% pool) – After optimizing their “income positions” will participate in the pool of 2% of the turnover of ARIIX

7. Paylines Bonus (1% pool) – Bonus of 1% of sales of the company for whom optimizes a payline.

8. ASAP Bonus – or Fast Start Bonus

  • Get an additional charge of 200 USD to sell a package of Elite
  • Earn an additional charge of 75 USD to sell a business package

Note: All the commissions listed assume that you are a member of IIX.

If you need more information about ARIIX company or if you want to join us, ‎and to get the benefit from the team experience, great leadership, the methods of ‎building a business and want to join this project, you can leave us your details we ‎will be so glad to contact you as soon as possible. ‎

Ariix is one of the fastest growing companies outside of the United States and is expanding around the Europe. Right now we are looking for leaders in Europe to lead this project in several countries. If you would like to join a winner global team please contact us.